Why WeNative?

Focus on video chat

Easy to book a conversation directly on partner's calendar

Unlimited conversations at a low price

How it works

1. Set your availability

No need to convey your schedule to your language exchange partners.

2. Search by availability

Easily find a language exchange partner on your schedule.

3. Send a session request directly on their calendar

Quick start without asking your language partner's schedule.

4. Join a video chat room

No need to share Skype or SNS account so that WeNative's own video conference system is used.

User Testimonials


United States

Through WeNative, I was able to meet so many different kinds of people all over the world! It was exciting listening to the stories of these different individuals and their culture. I was even able to meet some people more than once! Wenative bridges the gap between cultures and a great way to practice your languages(s).



WeNative gave me the opportunity to speak English with +10 native speakers from all over the world. Also, they were so friendly that I was able to talk without being nervous. I think that WeNative is the best language exchaneg platform to practice foreign language with native speaker.